SummerSalt Review

By Amy Power | Photos by Amanda Whitegiver
May 23, 2018

“The only thing more ecofriendly is skinny dipping,” proclaimed the package that arrived on my doorstep last week.  I have been curious about SummerSalt bathing suits since I first saw The Sidestroke in an ad on my Instagram feed. All last summer I was coveting one shoulder suits, but never pulled the trigger. The SummerSalt Sidestroke is super cute, and the more I read about the company, the more excited I became. They’re marketed towards environmentally minded, active women for “life beyond the lounge chair.” The company appeared to check all of my boxes, and some boxes I didn’t even know I had! Here’s some of the reasons I finally purchased:

  • The suits are made from recycled textiles
  • They proclaim to have 5x the strength and 4x the compression
  • There’s an adorable one shoulder option
  • They appear to have great coverage
  • They claim to offer great bust and bum support
  • I hoped the tri-colored ruched swoop coupled with the compression would be flattering to my midsection and create the illusion of curves
  • All the suits are $95, so while they’re not cheap, they certainly don’t break the bank either

Sidestroke, by SummerSalt

The Sidestroke arrived and I immediately ran upstairs to put it on. The website recommends ordering a size up if you are a D cup or larger. I’m currently in between sizes six and eight, so I opted to order the eight (also, the six was sold out). Generally I would say it fit true to size, but I didn’t feel any of the compression the website touted so loudly. I also noticed that while they list this as offering “a good amount of butt coverage”, I still felt very exposed and experienced “a good amount of riding up.”  You will note there is not a single rear shot of me in this suit…

My biggest disappointment with the Sidestroke was the cup situation. If I had read the description more carefully, I would have seen before ordering that there aren’t any cups. I saw this suit in the “great boob support” section of the website, and read things like “4x the compression to lift you up,” so I assumed there would be bust support. Unfortunately, I did not feel like my bust was supported. I DID feel like my ladies were free ranging and my nipples (in addition to my bum) were prominently on display.  I honestly can’t say if sizing down would have improved my overall impression of the suit, but needless to say I’m pretty disappointed. Oh, and the side boob action was of epic proportions. Amanda kept tucking me back in…

On the bright side, the fabric felt very high quality, the colors were vibrant and beautiful, and the overall design was quite lovely. I think this would absolutely be a viable option for someone who has a smaller bust and isn’t opposed to flaunting one’s assets a little. I still like the design, it just, unfortunately, was not figure flattering on me. As much as I wanted to love this bathing suit, I had to return it. Have you tried SummerSalt? What has your experience been like? Are there other suits your loving? Please share!!



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