Their Future is Fashion

Maine has become a brand in its own right over the years, but as comfortable and iconic as wool socks and flannel may be, our Maine Brand doesn’t generally top the list of fashion mecca’s. And yet, nestled in the heart of Portland lives MECA, the Maine College of Art and Design, where students have been diligently studying and creating fashion since 2013.

This relatively new program attracts students from all over the country and the world with an overarching goal of imparting a deep understanding of the design and fabrication of textiles, incorporating extensive study of the field of apparel, and exploring creative expression through the medium of fashion.

Zoe Schuttler, Cal Murphy, Jordan Carey, and Kirsten Elfe are members of MECA class of 2019. These four Textile and Fashion Design Majors show an exciting range of designs and fabrications, from Muppet-inspired  creations to a blending of Bahamian and East Coast cultures and fashion. Each brings their unique perspective and history to their thesis designs.

MECA students hit the runway Friday May 3, 2019 in the annual showcase of the culmination of their work. This won’t be your standard fashion show, however. These MECA students are breaking away from the rigid mold of your traditional runway show. This exhibition opportunity is open to students of every major and grade level. Anyone whose work is best seen activated through movement, interaction, or performance can showcase their work for the live audience.

Alysha Kupferer | Program Chair