One Body

By Amy Power
March 27, 2018

“If a woman says she hasn’t [struggled with body image] more power to her. I think it’s ingrained in our DNA, as women, to feel self conscious or struggle with how we look,” Caterina Noblet reflects. Whether it’s our DNA, our unique balance of hormones, or our culture, I certainly have yet to meet a woman who hasn’t struggled with feeling negatively about either her body, mind, or both at some point in her life. Our tendency for comparison can put even women who meet many standards of cultural beauty in a position of self-doubt. Caterina prides herself on her strength and sense of adventure, but while she is tall and thin (the desired shape of many!) she has struggled with body image too. She grew up in an Italian family where 5’1” was the norm, “So I was always the tall one. I think just feeling different sometimes, at a young age, can make you think that that’s a bad thing. But it’s not, it’s just who you are.”

Embracing herself, understanding her needs and meeting those needs is something that Caterina has worked towards. For her, mind and body are one, and exercise is as essential for her mental health as her physical well being. “I’m a huge exerciser, and role-modeling that for my daughter, that I carve out time to take care of myself, I think is really important.” It’s not always easy, prioritizing ourselves. But with intention, we can create new routines for ourselves. Caterina actually schedules her self care into the day.  “Even if it means I have to miss an hour of time with my kids at night. If thats what means a lot to me, eventually it will mean a lot to them: I’ll be a much nicer version of myself, and what kid doesn’t want the nice mom instead of a grouchy mom?”

She urges us, rather than judging our bodies for how they look, fuel them and treat them the way we want to be treated back. We only get one body in this lifetime, treating it well should be a priority if we desire a healthy and active life.  Caterina’s personal philosophy, one she hopes to instill in her children, is; “Eat good foods, get fresh air, exercise because you want to preserve your body, and treat it well so it will last you a long time.”

She wishes she could have told her late-blooming younger self that it’s not what you look like, but the strength of your body that matters. She reflects that she has had more self-worth and self-love the older she has gotten. “A lot of women my age don’t have any because they haven’t taken the time to take care of themselves. I wish I could just put my hand on you, and you see yourself the way I see you. Because you’re worth so much more than you give yourself credit for. I wish that I could make people feel their self-worth.”

Us too, Caterina!

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