Eastland Shoes | Debora Woven Flat

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Eastland Debora Woven Flat By Amanda Whitegiver | Photos by Amanda Whitegiver October 18, 2018 I love shoes. Not as much as my 4 year old daughter loves shoes, because she doesn’t realize yet that cashmere and silk exist, but I admit to having more [...]

Jill McGowan

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Jill McGowan By Amy Power | Photos by Amanda Whitegiver October 10, 2018 The phrase “Made in Maine” has a proud tradition of quality, and Maine Makers are one of our favorite things to write about, particularly female makers. This is why Amanda and I [...]

Saving in Style Vol. 6

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Saving in Style Vol. 6 By Amy Power | Photos by Amanda Whitegiver September 28, 2018 Fall is in the air, friends! The freshening winds have me itching to update my wardrobe, so Amanda and I bopped over to our favorite consignment shop, Village Style, [...]

Neck Scarves

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Neck Scarves By Amy Power| Photos by Amanda Whitegiver July 10, 2018 Amanda is the accessory maven for this ECI duo. She has a keen eye for detail, enjoys splashes of color, and her collection of accessories is enough to make me swoon. As [...]