Boden Albertina Flats

Fit Review

By Amy Power
November 17, 2017

It is absolutely no secret that I love Boden. I whole-heartedly thank my elder sister for introducing me to this enchanting company shortly after the birth of my daughter, Charlotte, in 2014 (she has a daughter 6 months older than mine and she was/is obsessed with their baby/children’s clothes). While the price point is a little high for me to regularly splurge on their baby items, I have to admit I went all in for my now nearly four year old Charlotte after receiving the fall catalogue. For me, the children’s clothing were the gateway drug. I can’t get enough of them, and now I’m constantly clicking over to the women’s section too. Charlotte couldn’t care less about what she wears, and truthfully spends more time nude than clothed (though we do have a very firm “undies must be worn at all times” rule). But the whimsical prints and playful appliqués on her adorable dresses make me smile in the midst of chaos, so I’d say that’s worth it.

But I digress.

Until October, while I coveted their shoe collection from afar, I had yet to purchase and try out a pair. After spending two months coming back again and again to this pair, I decided it was time to pull the trigger. They are playful, practical, and versatile all at once. It truly is the downsizer’s dream shoe. These will literally go with everything. So why are there no photos of me gleefully skipping about in my new favorite flats?

Well, the simple answer is I returned them.

Ok, but why? I clearly adore them, but my shoe size varies greatly depending on brand, shape, and heel height. One foot measures a 6 wide, the other measures a 6.5 wide. Heels are hard. Pointy toes are harder. I tend to just avoid strappy shoes. As a general rule, if something is dressy, or pointed I tend to size up. Also the “fit predictor” suggested I order the 37. I am excellent at following direction, so that is just what I did. I think it’s really interesting to note that the shoe was too big all around (I’m curious to see if this will be a common theme in all Boden shoes, or if it’s case specific to this one pair). I am honestly not sure if the 36 or the 36.5 would have offered a better fit. I can say, however, that the shoe was VERY comfortable.

Ok, so why didn’t I just exchange the shoe for a smaller size?

Honestly? The biggest reason is I didn’t read the description carefully enough. In the photos the shoe looks like calfskin matte leather, but it is actually patent leather with a suede accent. I did not care for this pairing in the nude color. I think if I were to try these again I would get a size 36.5 in black. A dressier and less practical choice to be sure, but I love the element of fun.

So while I’m pretty bummed this pair of flats was not all I hoped and dreamed, I am very eager to try the next pair of Boden shoes that catch my eye. I think these are a really solid contender. What do you think?

Have you tried shoes from Boden? What has been your experience? How has the sizing worked for you?

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