Bamboobies Nursing Essentials

By Amy Power
January 24, 2018

Outfit Details

Top: Grace Button Sweater by Boden, size medium

Bottom: High Rise Skinny by Mossimo, size 6 short

Shoes: Wool Runners  by All Birds, size 7

Nursing Cover: bamboobies Chic Nursing Shawl, by bamboobies, one size fits most

bamboobies | Chic Nursing Shawl | $32.99 $29.99
Size: one size fits most

Breastfeeding can be beautiful and natural…but it’s not always easy! So today we are excited to be partnering with bamboobies to give you the scoop on some nursing mom essentials.

These days, I have absolutely no shame about nursing in public. I’ll let Brendan discreetly latch wherever we may be with nary a nipple to be seen. However, I wasn’t always so comfortably bold, and it wasn’t always so effortless. I remember the first time I ventured out with my daughter as a tiny infant nearly four years ago. Charlotte was only weeks old and my husband was going out to sea for 3 months. My sister came with me to see the ship off and then we stopped at a cafe for lunch. The comedy of errors that ensued from me essentially pitching a tent at the table with my muslin swaddle over my head and baby was probably gossip fodder for the cafe employees for weeks. “Who is that crazy lady and what is she doing?!” It is also possible that I fully flashed no less than 4 people in an effort to get Charlotte properly latched (despite my tent). The stress of being a new mom with a screaming infant in a public place is palpable. Add to that, anxiety over figuring out nursing AND gawking strangers and it’s easy to see why new moms are reluctant to leave the house unless absolutely necessary. In any case, someone at bamboobies must have had a similar experience. Or they were simply sick of frumpy or brightly colored apron-style nursing covers, because they have come up with a sleek and elegant solution to nursing in public with some privacy. Their chic poncho style nursing cover is made of rayon from bamboo and a touch of spandex. The resulting fabric is butter soft and stretchy enough to allow you to peek in at your baby. It’s roomy enough to accommodate wiggles, and can also be tied in a multitude of ways (as a scarf, around your carrier/car seat for some impromptu sunblock… the sky’s the limit!)

I tried wearing it around simply as a top and found it to be flattering and still functional for playing with Charlotte who is now nearly four (but be sure to layer with your nursing tank!). I also think you could pull it out for an effortless layer while still pregnant. Pair with a long necklace, dark denim or a slim chino and flats and you’re good to go. I found this nursing cover to be flattering, soft, feminine, wrinkle resistant and flexible.

bamboobies | Combination Pack Nursing Pads  | $12.99
Size: one size

Next up is an absolute must have on every registry and in every diaper bag: nursing pads. The name may be less than sexy, but they are absolutely critical if you plan to ever leave your home… or maintain dairy-free sheets.

For some backstory, I make every effort to be as environmentally conscious as I can. That said, no one is perfect. When Charlotte was born, I had grand visions of utilizing reusable nursing pads. I went to the cloth diaper store and picked up a nice supply, which I used for approximately a week. They quickly became saturated and uncomfortable. They slouched, crumpled and folded in awkward ways, and were generally a bonafide mess (I’ve honestly used baby socks in a pinch with greater success than my original reusable nursing pads). As a result, though I still feel guilty about it, I used disposable nursing pads with both kids. I wish I had known about bamboobies before now! The bamboobies nursing pads are made of bamboo rayon velour, an absorbent inner layer of cotton, and an outer milk-proof liner. They also come in heart shapes, which just make me smile. The outer liner is a little stiff and I think that helps prevent the pad from contorting throughout the day.  At this stage in my nursing game, I’m working to start weaning Brendan. As a result my milk supply is slowly decreasing and I’m not leaking much, so unfortunately I cannot comment on the volume these comfortably absorb. If you’ve tried these, please let me know! I would love to hear what your experiences have been and how well you think they absorb. What I can say is the velour is delightfully soft against your skin, and they are so comfortable I actually forgot I was wearing them. I also didn’t notice any added bulk or strange shapes appearing through my clothes (unlike the baby sock episode). I’m actually wearing them in every picture… can you tell? As an add on, you can also purchase a cute little wet bag for them, which is massively convenient if you plan to be out for an extended period of time. Who wants milky pads kicking around in their purse? Answer: no one.

So the reader’s digest version is this: 1) if you’d like a little extra privacy while nursing in public, or you want a forgiving piece of transitional clothing while your postpartum body adjusts: check out the nursing cover. It’s soft, versatile and cozy. 2) If you don’t want the world to know you’re lactating, invest in these cheeky and comfy nursing pads. They’ll save you money in the long run and bump up your climate karma. Thanks, bamboobies, for partnering with us today and helping make nursing our babies a little easier!

Happy Nursing!

This post is  sponsored by bamboobies.