Bamboobies | Organic Nipple Balm

By Amy Power
February 7, 2018

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bamboobies | Boob Ease Organic Nipple Balm| $12.99 $7.80 
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Breastfeeding can be beautiful and natural…but it’s not always easy! So today we are excited to partner with bamboobies again to give you the scoop on some nursing mom essentials.

The biological purpose of nipples may be for nursing babies, but in all honesty that doesn’t mean your skin is prepared for the onslaught of moisture and suction that accompanies nursing. I felt like I read every book and I definitely took every lactation class in my area in preparation for my daughter’s arrival. I was as prepared as I knew how to be, but everyone’s body and every baby is different. Nothing can ever completely prepare you. While we were figuring it out, my nipples suffered. It’s the less discussed, less beautiful part of the learning process: cracked. Bleeding. Nipples. I was hyper-opposed to putting anything on my damaged skin because I was so concerned about her ingesting harmful chemicals or pesticides, even in trace amounts. Instead, I struggled through that painful time until my skin adjusted. Looking back I wonder… was that really necessary?

Enter baby #2.

Despite nursing Charlotte for 14 months, Brendan and I still had to figure it out all over again. It’s amazing how one forgets! Thankfully going through nursing once can toughen your breasts, and Brendan did not decimate them as a newborn. Then he got teeth.

If you haven’t nursed before, I cannot begin to tell you the acute and intense pain that is caused by baby teeth. Thankfully, he doesn’t bite on purpose, but if he’s tired he drifts into what I call a “lazy latch” and then his teeth graze my skin. It didn’t bother me very much at first, but not long after, I started to experience a sharp and searing pain every time he latched onto my right breast. For about three weeks, against all usual mama hopes, I nursed with my fingers crossed he wouldn’t fall asleep just yet. Then, as luck would have it, bamboobies sent me their Boob Ease ointment to review.

I can’t say that I sighed in immediate relief when I applied the balm; It wasn’t like someone placing a cool washcloth on your forehead during savasana at the end of a hot yoga class. What I CAN say is that I applied the balm liberally onto my affected nipple immediately after nursing. It was not super oily and it absorbed quickly into my skin. It also did not leave residue or stain my clothes. I applied it once or twice a day, and after two days I started to notice a marked improvement. After three days the pain was completely gone and I haven’t experienced it again since.

This is certainly not a scientific or empirical study, but it would seem that the nipple balm quickly and effectively healed my damaged nipples! I was pleased to discover it doesn’t contain lanolin, an ingredient which can be filled with harmful pesticides. More to the point, I am confident that it is safe for my baby with an ingredient list simply containing organic extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, shea butter, organic marshmallow root, and organic calendula flower. With its lovely texture, baby-friendly ingredients, and the improvement it provided in my nursing experience, I would highly recommend boob-ease Organic Nipple Balm for nursing mamas. I’m also seriously considering trying it out on my dry and cracked “winter hands”… Why not?!

This post is  sponsored by bamboobies.