Relationships Take Work

By Amy Power
March 14, 2018

Positive body image is not necessarily something that comes easily. Good relationships take work and need to be nurtured. Your relationship with yourself is no exception.

Amy True is a self described artist; her gift is seeing (and capturing) the beauty in the playful, happy, and unguarded moments with her clients. She left a career in finance to pursue her passion for children’s photography, and she is positively thriving. Balancing work and family is hard, and throwing self care into the mix sometimes feels unmanageable. Amy admits that once kids come into the picture it can be difficult to spend time on yourself; you, your body, and your priorities change. Working out or taking the time to do something just for you doesn’t always happen when you’re just trying to survive the day.  

She noted, “I think it’s important to have a positive self image. And I think the definition of that can vary by woman. For me, I think it is important to maintain some kind of physical fitness, not just for physical reasons but mental reasons, too. I know I feel better when I go out and exercise. Now that my kids are older, I find it easier to get back into those routines that I used to enjoy so much. It affects my mood on a day to day basis. I feel stronger, physically and mentally. I feel good about myself and I’m happier. I’m not as tired, and it overflows into all areas of my life.”

It’s not always easy to invest in self care. Time, energy, and the competing demands of family and career so easily push our own needs to the back of the line, but Amy is working hard to prioritize herself where it’s most important. She was unhappy and unfulfilled in her career, so she took the plunge and followed her passion. She recognizes that exercise is important, not only for her physical health, but her mental health too, and so she makes the effort to fit that into her week. Amy pointed out, “Size doesn’t define you and who you are as a person. There shouldn’t be such a focus on how you look, but how you feel.” I find her self awareness and dedication to meeting her own needs so refreshing and inspiring. Thank you, Amy, for being such a great role model not only to your own kids, but to all of us as well!

What are you doing to make yourself feel good? What do you want to be doing? What changes can you implement to make that happen for you? Let’s inspire each other!

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