All Birds

By Amy Power
January 31, 2018

Outfit Details

Top: Grace Button Sweater by Boden, size medium

Bottom: High Rise Skinny by Mossimo, size 6 short

Shoes: Wool Runners  by All Birds, size 7

Nursing Cover: bamboobies Chic Nursing Shawl, by bamboobies, one size fits most (reviewed here)

All Birds | Wool Runners | $95
Size: 7

I’m not going to lie… I first stumbled across All Birds in a Facebook Ad. During one of many marathon cluster-feed nursing sessions, I would find myself in a zombie-like trance scrolling through Facebook and Instagram. They popped up in an ad and I thought they were cute, but I am wary of the many new “best ever!” brands I keep seeing in my feed. Are they legit? Are they worth the money? $95 is a lot to spend on lark. Well, I’ve been on the hunt for a cute “fashion sneaker” that I can slip on with anything. I saw these often enough, and thought they were cute enough, I decided it was time to investigate a little further. Besides, I’ve long been a believer that spending more on a shoe that is really good for my feet (and looks amazing) is worth every penny.

All Birds touts that they are “the world’s most comfortable shoes”.  They are made out of sustainably sourced superfine New Zealand merino wool and the website states, “The footwear industry often overlooks Mother Nature’s innovative materials in favor of cheaper, synthetic alternatives. We think it’s time to change that.” I can definitely get on board with their motto. Some of the benefits of a wool shoe are that they actually minimize odor, regulate temperature, and wick moisture. If you prefer to wear them sockless, the insole is replaceable and the entire shoe is machine-washable. Sustainable, low-odor, washable, AND comfortable? They had me. I promptly put them on my Christmas list.

You guys. You’ll have to pry these off of my cold dead body.

I’ve worn them almost daily since opening the box. They ARE super comfortable, like walking around in your slippers, but in a socially acceptable sort of way. You may be put off by the idea of wool because you fear it will be itchy or hot. Rest assured that is not the case. Merino wool is about half a step below cashmere on the softness scale, and I would agree with Mara Leighton in her review for Business Insider that these feel like a coarser cashmere. I have been wearing them sockless because I prefer that look. While they wick moisture away, I do find that my feet are not quite as dry as when I wear socks, only not to a degree I find distracting or uncomfortable. If you normally go without socks, you’ll likely find them a pleasant improvement. Regarding fit, they carry only whole sizes and the website suggests if you wear a half size, order up. As a general rule, I wear a 6 or a 6.5 depending on width. I ALWAYS follow the manufacturer’s advice on sizing when they suggest to order up, and I usually instantly regret it upon receiving my shoes (like in this review of the Boden Albertina Flat). This time that was not the case. I reluctantly ordered a size 7 and it fits me beautifully. It may be *slightly* too long, but the width is perfect and the size 6 would have been too small. My foot does not slide at all and I have not experienced any blisters, rubbing, or chafing. I’ve been wearing them for a month and I also haven’t noticed any easing, stretching, or shape distortion either.

Bottom line: this versatile shoe performs as advertised and I cannot wait to purchase the lounger version next. I am also seriously restraining myself from getting a pair of Small Birds for Charlotte… because… twins (also she refuses to wear socks).  Style them as we did with jeans and a sweater, or sail into summer with your sundress and hat. I see these as the perfect walkabout shoe that can take you on all of your adventures in comfortable and effortless style.

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  1. Alice January 31, 2018 at 6:20 pm - Reply

    Great review! That colour is really cute, I have a pair in black. I am also between sizes (7 or 7.5 depending on fit), and I ordered a size 8. I first bought a size 7 but felt the toe area was a bit tight so I returned them. Now I’m worried size 8 will stretch and loosen with wear. My question is, you mentioned you ordered a size up and it was *slightly* too long, how far away is your big toe from the shoe tip? Thumb distance or? Did the rest of the shoe feel snug, especially at the heel? Thanks 🙂

    • Amy February 1, 2018 at 9:27 am - Reply

      Hi Alice!

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I wanted to give you a thoughtful reply and I had left the shoes at work last night (too much snow outside right now for these to be commuters). I’m SO GLAD you found the review helpful. To answer your questions, when I’m sitting down, yes! There is about a thumb distance between my toe and the end of the shoe. When I’m standing, it’s slightly less. I don’t feel like they are snug like bug in a rug around my heel, but there is no gaping or sliding. My heel doesn’t come up or move around when I walk. I also haven’t noticed any stretch or loosening. I’ve been wearing them for about a month. Fun fact, (since it IS so snowy and wet outside) these are currently exclusively inside shoes for me. As a result, I’ve also been using them for (home) work out shoes. I do some high intensity circuit training videos/apps and work outs with hand weights. So I’ve been moving around a fair amount in them! I never would have thought of these as an “athletic shoe”, but I’m noticing an improvement in my knees since I started wearing them for my leg days in particular. (I had been working out barefoot before, so that’s probably why…)

      Please oh please let me know how the sizing works for you when you receive the size 8! I’d love to know so we can help everyone find the right fit! xoxo Amy

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