About East Coast Inspired

We try it all so you don’t have to.

We evaluate fit, form, and function to take the guesswork out of fashion. We’re here so when you decide it’s time to treat yourself to some self-care, you get it right the first time. From investment pieces to fun one off items, we provide expert (and practical!) styling to give you inspiration for your wardrobe and life. We want women to feel confident in their bodies, comfortable in their skin, and effortlessly fashionable.

We know you’re busy. We want to help.

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Amy Power

Hi there! My name is Amy. I am creative, adventurous, and hopelessly romantic. I love beautiful paper, perfectly wrapped gifts, and always send handwritten thank you notes. Cookbooks sit pretty on my shelves for more than just cooking, and I always plate my dinner, even if it’s just for me. Before kids, you may have found me spending lazy days savoring a lovely latte while poring over my favorite books, and daydreaming about the ultimate craft room. Now I balance family, career, and home. Sometimes I’m balanced. Sometimes I’m not.

I have a strong work ethic, and take great pride in making things myself. Gifting is my love language. I love joyful style, whimsical prints, making a to-do list with my favorite pen, beautifully arranged flowers, and the smell of wool. I believe brunch makes Sunday the best day of the week, and I’m never too full for dessert.

Amanda Whitegiver

Hello! My name is Amanda. I’m an artist, photographer, and personal stylist. I love handmade pottery, hanging my art off-center (which drives my husband totally nuts), and I’m completely obsessed with musicals (I’ve watched the new Beauty and the Beast about 5 times already in the few weeks it’s been on Netflix…anyone else incapable of hearing Dan Stevens singing “Evermore” enough times???) I’m also a mama to 2 free-spirited daughters and married to my college sweetheart.

I believe in style that is flattering, comfortable, and makes you feel good! I’ve spent the last dozen years helping people find the best fits, colors, and fabrics for their bodies. From women who know what they like and just want help finding it quickly to women who don’t know where to start, it’s my passion to help make looking your best as easy as a walk in the park.